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Zaag Systems is a software development company with expertise in mobile application development. The company offers other IT services, including app designing (UI/UX), web designing (UI/UX), progressive web apps, artificial intelligence, and IT services. Zaag Systems follows an innovative & creative approach to developing robust mobile app solutions. The company was founded in 2020 with headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Zaag possesses experienced & talented individuals in its team who are passionate about developing incredible applications for various devices. The company serves clients from the US, EU, and UAE. They also plan to provide their services in the Australian and Japanese markets by 2025.

The company's expert developers create websites, web applications, and customized software solutions for startups and large enterprises worldwide. The team utilizes cutting-edge technologies including Swift, Kotlin, flutter, React native, Spring Boot, ReactJS, and Next JS.

The company's key clients are:

  • AZLAN GLOBAL LTD. (Bangladesh)
  • OUSHOD SHEBA LTD. (Bangladesh)
  • Intention Lifestyle (USA)
  • K.M Hasan & Co.(Bangladesh)
  • Cross market (Germany)
  • Eigenart (Germany)

The GoodFirms team had an opportunity to speak with Bahauddin Arafat. Bahauddin talks about the story behind launching Zaag Systems, the types of services & his expectations for the company's future.

Bahauddin talked about his role at Zaag Systems; as a managing director, he monitors the marketing & sales operations of the company. He makes critical management decisions to ensure the organization's growth is on track and reaches its maximum revenue.

Bahauddin is a passionate individual who never compromises on quality service & relationships with his clients. He is constantly pursuing business opportunities to blend with the digital media era, which is the fastest growing industry. He added that the company has a vision of automating the business that works locally and globally. He also revealed his past as a professional that left his 9 to 5 typical job and was determined to begin the startup in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

When asked about the company's business model, Bahauddin shared that an in-house team with more than 30 employees meets the client's requirements. They have dedicated IT team members who are professional & highly experienced in app development.

Zaag Systems utilizes updated technologies for mobile app development, which helps them to fulfil the client's expectations for the project. The team prefers to use ReactJS for front-end development. For back-end development with high transactional data executed by Spring Boot and NodeJS technology. He mentioned that various companies commonly use WordPress & PHP technology, but at Zaag System, the team believes in providing cutting-edge technologies for clients' businesses. In addition, the company offers reasonable & affordable prices to their clients without neglecting the superior quality.

Bahauddin also mentioned that the team succeeds by providing reliable & robust app solutions to grow the company's credibility and clients’ businesses.

Why choose Zaag Systems?

  • Reliability - Excellent architectural & coding process
  • Efficiency - Customized & optimized coding system for exceptional user experience
  • Quality Assurance - Conduct comprehensive and strict QA

Zaag Systems helped companies in global mobile app development and other IT-related services. The company thrives on taking its client business to the next level with unmatched designs of features and cutting-edge technologies. Thus, Zaag System is among the top app development companies in Bangladesh at GoodFirms.

Zaag System has a good clientele belonging to various regions & realms of diverse industries. Bahauddin said the company caters to a broad range of industries, including health, tourism, marketing, retail, eCommerce, fashion, delivery, and distribution. He added with the confidence that their clients come back to hire services, and the sales team is always fascinated to provide excellent solutions to new clients. The team handled numerous projects successfully worldwide.

Bahauddin mentioned the core service of Zaag System, a mobile app development, which is the most in-demand service among their clients. Moreover, the company provides CMS, web app development, web design, and software system solutions.

He talked about the client satisfaction rate of 4.5 out of 5. Mostly, the clients require live updates and open communication channels. The company uses the Trello platform to update development progress and arrange regular meetings to ensure clients' expectations are fulfilled. The team always welcomes constructive feedback from clients at any project stage to maintain flexibility, which is the most crucial factor for successful results.

The company's customer support system is controlled by a dedicated client relationship manager who ensures the quick answers with a resolution of issues are useful & customers are satisfied with it. Zaag Systems utilizes Skype and email platforms to communicate with the SPOC(Single Point Of Contact) designated for each project. The support system team helps clients with more transparency on issues.

Bahauddin spoke about payment structure which is based on milestones. It is a predetermined system that is defined before the project implementation. Zaag Systems takes payment in advance before a project moves to the next milestone. The milestone payment structure benefits clients by providing a comprehensive list of deliverables.

The minimum budget required by the company is $10,000 at present. Yet, the company keeps an option for small-scale projects too. The dedicated team is flexible in finding common ground regards to the pricing. The client's comfort is the company's most significant asset.

Zaag System's price range for a project varies from $6,000 to $50,000.

Bahauddin also mentioned that the company's mission for the next ten years is to get brand recognition in the global market in the software development industry. He added that in the coming five years, they plan to expand by hiring 500+ IT professionals across the globe.

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