Oushodsheba (Consumer Website)


Work Details

Oushod Sheba is Bangladesh’s first decentralized medicine delivery system, bringing over 19000 pharmaceutical products to users’ doorsteps. Part of a broader ecosystem geared toward automating 360-degree health services, Oushodh Sheba addresses end-user medicine sourcing challenges by providing unified access to multiple pharmacies and vendors from the comfort of their homes. In addition, the adaptive website and the cross-platform app bring a comprehensive selection of medications to the users’ fingertips. Not to mention, users can enjoy a wide range of vendor-generated promotional offers that typical brick-and-mortar pharmacies can’t provide.


  • Applications:
    Consumer Website
  • Languages:
    Java, JavaScript
  • Databases:
    MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Library Or Framework:
    Spring Boot, ReactJS, NextJS
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